What You Should Do on the March 8?

It’s International Women’s Day!

Change start from giving any time and anywhere.

Honestly, I’ve never made a shout out on WordPress before but I’m really proud of what I do as a development worker at Wedu Global , a non-profit organization for mentorship and financial assistance for Women in Asia based in Bangkok. I should try to give this message to you, reader and world citizen.


For hundreds of interviews I have conducted, I came across many captivating stories of life, endeavor through challenge and tough times the Rising Stars have been through. Some of them are working hard to challenge the issue in their society or some of them worked in late hours to self-fund their education, some of them value the education so much that they walked a long way to do the class exam with torn shoes, some of them dream big to be a leader as a president, politician, great doctor, teacher or even app developer for the better community.

It’s obvious that they fight for their dream and education.They have potential to be something bigger,

if only they have a chance.

Educational opportunities for women in Asia cannot happen without funding resources and we need you to raise the importance of it and spread the words for fundraising starting from 10$ and that gift will 100% directly fund for their stationary and pay for their educational tuition.You have no idea it will change one’s dream and create the greater impact to the community.


Share this donation link with your friends and family via email, Facebook, Instagram, etc. https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/keeprising/


how to participate


Chapter 4: The Brightest Days to be Back in the US


Baby blue sky on the day we traveled to Louisiana smiled at me during the ride to Louisiana route. It was one of the brightest days to be back in the States and see new things. I observed some of the things I considered to be nice takeaways from the trips.

img_0883Porch seems to be the highlighted for most southern homes. I think it works like Thailand but what fascinated days is it became the picture in your mind. People hang out on the porch sharing beers and warmth from the heater. I heard some country song before and it goes with this keyword like beer, porch, creek, girl, boots , muds, party, home, mama and so on. My boyfriend has a cat named Bo and he’s so cute and has been living for 12 years. I just love that he liked to purr and walk with me in the wood area and anywhere. He ‘s officially a dog cat I must say. One night we hung out at the porch, it was 0 degree Celsius. I sipped from the bottle and patted Bo who tried to put his claws on my laps and I said “ouch” from time to time and you know why.

img_0746People : I got to visit my partner’s family and I also sense a full generosity. His brother was curious about Thailand and made us some hot chili dipped with crackers (new for me) and he enjoyed watching American football. The other day, I also went to the local bar. It was very dim but surrounded with people and a country music. I met aunt of my boyfriend. She turned to be so chilled and awesome which I will tell you in the other chapter.

I got to visit my partner’s family and I also sense a full generosity. His brother was curious about Thailand and made us some hot chili dipped with crackers (new for me) and he enjoyed watching American football. The other day, I also went to the local bar. It was very dim but surrounded with people and a country music. I met aunt of my boyfriend. She turned to be so chilled and awesome which I will tell you in the other chapter.



It seems that restaurants here work like a chained with great standard. I didn’t come across the local food places that much. There were cool shops like Japanese’s Daiso called Dollar General which sells anything you can find in a dollar.I just bought 3-4 bags of mint chocolate. It’s so good when you have the melt on your icy tongue. Hobby Lobby is also a great place you can find best house décor and vintage products. So I also got a vintage chest with a world map pattern and also a keychain of Mr.Rabbit says”I’m Late”  And don’t forget Walmart which works like Big C and Lotus in Thailand. One thing that I couldn’t find would be a fresh market.


You know, and we went to Hooters. I like their chicken sauce so much especially honey mustard. Some guys also checked out the girl. I also did in a friendly way of course. I imagined myself working there in tight orange shorts but better not. (lol)

Also, as a Thai, it’s so funny to be in your own country’s restaurant. It’s obvious that you are used to having your food and it doesn’t hurt to try the recipe in abroad. The Thai restaurant we went called Rawz Café. To be mainstream, they offer all kinds of Asian food. Of course, Chinese and Japanese are in the lists. I’m amazed that Thai food has traveled so far and arrived there in this state. So we ordered Tom Kha Gai (Thick creamy chicken soup, Yum Nuea (hot and spicy beef salad)and chicken sticks. It tastes great except the soup which is too soupy!


I had only cash with me but it’s cool to see that the system they put is all debit and credit cards. I remember paying the meals as I wanted to return a good treat for my boyfriend. The waitress face was funny. She laughed. We thought it’s because I paid and made it look like I’m the “SUGAR MAMA” for him and yeah it’s dollar notes, ot cards.


I saw a lot of trucks but I can see that they are convenient to carry things and good for off-road.



Multiple numbers of Churches are also seen along the trip like seeing temples on the road.


I visit Kiroli park. I think it’s so beautiful to play small drown together in the yard.Cypress tree were seen when we walked over the bridge. We went on a short trails and Craig pointed the wooden fortress he and his friend used to hang out in teenage moment. Lots of naughty but hilarious words were crafted on wood like wallpaper. I laughed seeing them.

Today it’s raining in my place. The sound of the rain actually brought back my memories last year. That’s the recap for now and next chapter, it’ll be fun topic about hot spring!



Chapter 3 : Drifting to Space

“Ground Control to Major Tom

Commencing countdown, engines on”


Saturn V rocket

Human is so tiny compared to the infinite galaxy.

I remember listening to Space Oddity by the legend David Bowie. The strum and odd notes sprung from the outtro producing the broken control sound and uncertainty of life. When I think of space, I admit that I feel relaxing not to worry about what is outside our house, the office, all of the chaos—which is recommended to do that when you feel you need to isolate yourself and find inner peace you wish to discover.

That day first few days in Houston began with mundane diet from the hotel with salty meat, juice and yogurt and I admit I’m not a fan of oatmeal as a Thai who are in love with Thai food but it’s one of my partner’s favorite meal. Not too long,our eyes roamed around the lists of “what to do” and “Attractions” and agreed that we should give it a go for the somewhere museum.  We both love space and question of where the alien comes from or space traveling through time and dimension so the place would be Johnson Space Center opening since 1992.


All you can discover for humanity’s innovation to outer world is right here.  Johnson Space Center is the astronaut training ground, the hub of NASA Mission Control and interestingly also the International Space Station Mission Control.

Living Space Show

There’s so much to learn.  You will see the exhibition of Living in Space summed up daily life of an astronaut. It’s so funny and amazing to know that they need to exercise 2 hours a day to strengthen their muscles. They have 8 hours of sleep , Astronauts take sponge baths daily and the funny part is their toilet which has the tube to suck all the waste like a vacuum. It must be challenging to live up there.

Your future toilet on space


Next thing you know ,you already hopped on the NASA tram tour  passing the facility building to  which the control room and training building. The freezing wind touched your face on the way. In side the warm Building 30, we walked to the Mission Control Center which historically witnessed the first attempt to land on Lunar of Human History on July 20,1969.  Neil Armstrong said  “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”


I’m floating in the most peculiar way

Government Facility


Apart from the exhibition of moon rocks and astronaut gallery featured the suits including female ones, we also got the frozen dried astronaut’s diet like cookie ice cream which is pretty weird and delicious to eat but it cost quite expensive for a snack.

Lunar Rocks

I must say that this place is extraordinary for me. The experience seeing the history of space is awestruck and always will for me.

I realized that it’s the end of the day and would miss the learning place so much.

 Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do


Special thanks  https://spacecenter.org


Pattaya , Treasure Hunt

Dear Muggle Reader,img_6935

Weekends after weekends, I had not visited any places outside Bangkok. Instead, I ended up watching West World in my cave. So– one of my college buddies brought up this trip to visit my friend who was at Pattaya for her workplace seminar.

This blog is not intended to tell you the “how to” and “tips”. It’s just what I captured during my last holidays.



Here we are at Jomtien


Pattaya City of Thailand, actually might not be popular for Thai tourists like in the past. Personally, it’s obvious that the town itself lost its identity. There are no clear and clean beaches. What you will find is rather artificial man-made attraction — aka. Red light District and other night clubs, beach parasols and seats scattered on the shore. Very common. Not to mention that it turned out to be Farang (foreigner) Land where I can find stereotypical Thai lady and old foreign dude who settled down here.


Anyhow, it got some special thing– I think the main fun is definitely from the ones you hang out at any places.


 T.S Eliot must have been here.

Thankfully, Jomtien beach is 3 km far from the main Pattaya city with the 6 km stretch of seashore. I find it more peaceful over here. We actually got a rental apartment service that took 10 min- walk from the sea about 2000 THB per night. The funny thing is we booked the garden view but only to find the wasteland behind the corridor (lol)  The morning you wake up is to see some people sorting garbage down below which kills your sleepiness instantly better than a coffee.

If you come here like a group and find out that one bed would not fit, pick one who is likely kicking in sleep. And that’s what we did for Bank, my funny friend who slumbered on the living room mattress. I wish I could share that picture you but she would get mad.



What surprised the whole gang is the swimming pool where you can discover a pirate ship and colorful playground.(The slider on the shallow water is not for adult because your butt will hit the  bottom ground of the pool — been there done that. We kinda agreed that we like this pool more than the beach.


At sunset time, we got to see our friend and had a dinner. Most of the dishes we ordered were beyond delicious.

Fried salted egg and squid


Shells grilled with Butter

I feel very foodie at the moment. My favorite two dishes from that night were buttery grilled shell and salted egg and squid. They were fresh from the sea and taste great with Thai unique taste ( sweet and salty)




The next day of departure, still focused on food! That morning we had western food insteaed which are a homemade, hot and crispy “full moon pizza is intersting with red tomato omelet. I enjoyed it so much.


This trip ended with joy,goofy act and laugh like we used to share back in college days.Friendship is the treasure. Doesn’t need to be the best place in the world. I’, 100% sure if my friends see I wrote this, they might want to throw up because I’m cheesy.But yeah, as growing up, to sharish friendship is one of the energy source that you need to fill for your motivation and back to work. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming Christmas and New year!! 2017 is going to be HUGEEEE ( Trump’s expression)


I’m at the back




Opportunity: Does it matter to the slum children in Bangkok? 

Opportunity matters for some children. 
I said this because there were a parallel events which made me realized about value of opportunity. 

In the next few weeks, my boss’s wife will deliver a baby. Thoughtfully, I picked up some pair up cards from IKEA with the theme of cute animals from fairy tales wishing that the baby is gonna play it with his parents when he gets 3 ( the label said 0-3 year old is not allowed to play lol) Obviously, this baby will become a super smart and great person when he grows up and will eventually become someone powerful in some interesting sector. 

Back at my studio room, my eyes wandered and stopped at the empty card box that needed to be filled with my belongings because the moving day was getting so close. 

All of my old stuff from University were thrown out from the dusty and sad closet. Ugh. Hey but it’s still nice to re-visit old memories from my old keepsakes like the spongebob purse with actual 3D spongebob’s nose popping out , a fluffy doggy doll, the key-rings from traveling to places, unused notebook with cartoon pattern, a set of pencils ,a new headphones and so on.

In my mind, I knew these had to be given out to those children. 

There was a community in this neighborhood near the construction site filled with Myanmar workers and their kids and the low-income neighbor’s children They usually run around the trash cans area which some people scavenged those trash and earn from the recycling. 

I handed the bags full of gifts to a woman searching the paper and bottles. She nodded and promised to give the presents to the kids. Their eyes were so shiny after playing and giggling under the dim light of sleepless city. 

I didn’t make eye contact with those kids but they were so excited , I could tell. 

After turning around and continuing to walk, I heard a small voice after myself. 

” Hey sis! That woman did not give us the stuff”

Wow. The woman was indeed quite selfish grown up that did not keep promise. 

I took the bag from her and let the kids gathered around me. I felt like I was a santa clause in the rainy season. 
In the end, everyone got a different presents. It was struggling at first (as they tried to have a tug war of the spongebob purse). I actually handed the big price of the doll to that brave girl. 

” Are we gonna see you again?” 

Stunned by their voice, I did not aware that the second hand stuff that we overlook could mean so much for some one. 

” of course, I have more to give out” I laughed and was quite satisfied. 

I couldn’t help wondering about their future , who will they become. 

Some of them were barefoot. Some of them might not even get to study in school. 

I would to tell them again soon that they should study hard and be whatever they desire and be happy. 

Even they are not fortunate like other people but you know I’m one of those who believe and hope they will grow beautifully one day. If we all give them a chance to learn,to read, to write , to be given. 

Erased : Boku Dake Ga Inai Dachi : Lesson from Satoru

“We fear to look inside the mind of self”

Satoru once said in the very begining of Erased, one of the best drama, suspense with sci-fi element manga of all time. 
Everyone has fear before reaching our goals and desire. We tend to avoid failure because it seemingly is a negative word that triggers us to be embarassed, to be disappointed to self and others around us. 

Admid it or not, we all are like Satoru, a human that has fear to fail. He is a 29 year old guy that is struggling to earn from drawing manga that no one will read. He doesn’t have any real friends , let alone a girlfriend.Even having a super Revival power , he doesn’t realize its strength. 

What has motivated Satoru to take a stand for his family ,  friends and himself? I’m certain we all have learned  something from him. The elements to conquer fear are- 
1. Courage  

Satoru is determined to change the past and help his beloved mom and all the abducted peers. It takes bravery for him to abandon self and being selfless. He chose the red pill to the different  path to save lives despite throwing himself in risk and danger. 

2. You have to learn how to trust your group.

With one hand, you can’t build a city and reach success. You need other support from your best friend and be open about it when you have worries. 

Trust actually pulls courage from people. Airi trusts in Satoru and believes that he is not a murder. Kenya and friends rely on Satoru’s instincts and strong idea about the kidnapping in town. 

  Hinazuki listens to Satoru’s warm cheering words to open her arms to new friends and start over her life without fearing about her abused mom and the cruel past. 

3. Believe in what you do 

Satoru has a deep hope to protect his friends. He has been repeating by going back to change the past. He also believes that he could find the kidnapper. Toward the end, he his traits has developed so much as becoming a confident person , a leader and an inspiration. 

He has loyal friends, his career is going great and it’s the consequence of personality traits he possesses. 

Like the blue butterfly, he is freed from fear. 

Now it’s up to you to decide to  defeat the failure.  Never give up when the opportunities come. Use your power to become a hero of your own. 

The One and Only Secret that Frees you from Suffering



Pondering mind



My dad told me that our mind and perception are essential of mentality and being.

In Buddism, a mind is the master of the body and in the other hand, the body serves mind.

True that it’s normal to think about so many things that hasn’t happened yet but you just, worry; bills to pay for the rent, unhappy with the job, finding your dream etc.

Recently, I was occupied with worrying about my health problem, relatives drama like when you see someone that is full of self/ego and lack of consideration to others.The mixed feeling of fear and anger and all the negativity acted like turmoils in my universe.

My father who has a life experience noticed and gave me an intro of the master of the mind. I feel blessed because no one usually came to you for the gold advice.

Instead of taking the next 10 years to realise the truth of how to let go, why don’t you find it right now.

Remind yourself every day to look within your thought and minds. The smallest spirit is hidden somewhere in you. Discover it because nowadays, people they

Let go the daily mistake, worries and troublesome. Then, focus on the tiny mind/awareness that sometimes you forget that it’s there but you never explore. The world inside us shouldn’t be chaos, instead , peace.

Then, focus on the tiny mind/awareness that sometimes most of the people or even you forget…that it’s there but you never explore. The world inside us shouldn’t be chaos, instead , peace.